Art and Flavours of the Region 2018

This event is on 14 aprile 2018 17:00

Art and Flavours of the Region 2018

Verona 14th April 2018

Place and Time:

Verona, 14th April 2018 from 17:00 to 23:00

Ticket Prices:

10 EUR for each route of 3 stops which include:

  • 3 Wine tastings
  • 3 local product tastings
  • Chalice with Shoulder strap
  • Local guide on each tour stop


From the Spectacular Terrace located at the Maffeiano Museum located in Piazza Bra, from where you will:

  • Collect your Chalice
  • Map
  • Tickets for the tastings

At the end of each route is possible to continue on a different route if desired by acquiring more tickets. Departures from some of the stops in some routes are available depending on the availability of the tickets.

Route Maps:

Tickets are no longer available.

Tour Description:

The tour Art and Flavours of the Region is an eno-gastronomic  event that takes place entirely in the Verona Historical City Centre, this event looks to value and celebrate the history, culture and patrimony of the City of Verona and its surroundings. This event is directly organized by Fuori Feria in occasion of the Vinitaly.

The 5th edition of this tour offers 3 different walking routes (Red, Blue and Green) with an approximate duration of 1 hour each, with 3 stops, where the participants will be able to  taste  wine from local wineries and local products of the highest quality from our collaborators while appreciating the main historical monuments and buildings that the city has to offer.

In this edition of the tour, we will offer the opportunity to put together each of the routes either by acquiring all the tickets at the starting point or by purchasing a ticket on the last stop of each tour (subject to availability) so the participants can continue their tasting and walking experience at their own pace.

The novelty this year is that we are able to offer a price of 10 EUR per ticket for each route which will include:

  • 3 Wines tastings
  • 3 local product tastings
  • A Historical description on each stop

If the participants wish to continue with the experience after the route is over, there will be the opportunity to purchase tickets to continue on a different route, enhancing their tasting experience while walking down the streets of Verona.


The departure point is from the Terrace of the Maffeiano Museum in Piazza Bra. Departing from the Museum entrance where the organizers will provide each participant with a chalice with a shoulder strap, a route map and the ticket of the event.

It is advised to purchase the tickets online from the Fuori Fiera official site.


From the 30th March tickets will be available for purchasing on the following venues:

  • Bistrot El Cuciar (Piazza Duomo)
  • Via Roma 33 Cafe
  • Cafe Barbani (Piazza Erbe)
  • Bar San Fermo
  • Bottiglieria Corsini (Via degli Alpini)
  • Wine Bar San Nicolo (piazzetta San Nicolo)
  • Osteria Verona Antica (Via Sottoriva)
  • Osteria A La Carega (piazzetta Carega)

Tickets will be also available for purchase from the starting point or from the tour stops on the same day of the event subject to availability. There is maximum of 500 participants per route.

Click here for the full tour rules

Tour Routes and Stops


Chalice, route map and tasting tickets must be collected from the starting point of from the route stops until 21h00

The touring times are from 17h00  until 23h00

Tickets are available for purchasing online from the 28th March 2018 and from the participating venues from the 30th March.

Remaining tickets will be available for purchase at the tour starting point on the 14th April 2018

Participants will be free to follow the route and the stops in the order they see best.

Routes Description


Blue Route “Verona between Castles and Districts” (duration: aprox 1 hour)


Starting point, Piazza Bra

1st stop: CASTELVECCHIO –  Via Roma 33 Cafe (via Roma)

Tasting of the Soave DOC  Vineyard “Terre Lunghe” wine from the Cantina Vicentini, cheese Monte veronese from the Lessinia Food.

2nd Stop: CAREGA DISTRICT – Osteria A La carega (piazzetta Carega)

Tasting  of the “Corvina” Torre del Falasco IGT from the Cantina Valpantena, accompanied by a plate of classic Gnocchi in tomato sauce produced at the Avesani Pasta Factory.

3rd Stop: DUOMO – Bistrot El Cuciar (Piazza Duomo)

Tasting of the Sangiovese Megellano wine – Tenuta San Leone di Vini Rizzi – SeiTerre Wine Group accompanied by a plate of polenta and mushrooms served at the Gastronomia Damoli.

Tickets are no longer available.

Red Route “Verona Romana”  (duration: aprox 1 hour)


Starting point, Piazza Bra

1st Stop: ARENA – La Botteghetta (via Leoncino)

Tasting of the Custoza DOC di Cantina Venciu accompanied of a Poltronieri salami, Valpolicella breads, Grana Padano and provolone cheeses.

2nd Stop: CHIESA SAN NICOLO – Wine Bar San Nicolo (piazzetta San Nicolo)

Tasting of the Soave Classico 93 Points Decanter di Cantina Balestri Valda accompanied by a plate of Tortellini with truffles produced at the Avesani Pasta Factory.

3rd Stop: SOTTORIVA – Osteria Verona Antica (Via Sottoriva)

Tasting of the Appassilento Bianco del Veneto IGT Farina wine and Garda Oils from the Garda Oil Mill

Tickets are no longer available.

Green Route “Medieval Verona” (duration aprox 1 hour)


1st Stop: MEDIEVAL WALL – Bottiglieria Corsini (via degli Alpini)

Tasting of the Lugana DOC Ca Wine del Merlo Germani di Vini Rizzi – SeiTerre Wine Group, accompanied by plate of tortellini with porcini mushrooms  prepared at the Avesani Pasta Factory, “renga” fish and samples of Italian cigars Ambasciator Italico with purchase of  craft products.

2nd Stop: SAN FERMO – Bar San Fermo (piazza San Fermo)

Tasting of the Ronero Arneis DOCG di Cascina Ciapat wine and of Monte Veronese cheese from the Lessinia Food.

3rd Stop: PIAZZA ERBE – Cafe Barbarani (piazza Erbe)

Tasting of the Valpolicella DOC wine from the Tommasi Winery accompanied by a plate of tortellini from Valeggio prepared at the Avesani Pasta Factory.

Tickets are no longer available.


The tour can also be followed on the Fuori Fiera app available in Iphone.

Piazza Brà

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